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Movento: private mobility

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Movento is the division of Moventia encompassing all the companies engaged in the automotive industry

A leading private mobility group with companies that distribute cars and industrial vehicles

16 brands represented

The division represents 16 benchmark vehicle and motorcycle brands in the automotive sector and is made up by various operators that distribute and/or offer an official after-sales service from those brands: Mercedes Cars, Mercedes Vans and Mercedes Trucks (Movento Stern), Renault and Dacia (Movento Auser), Seat, Volkswagen Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Skoda, Cupra (Movento Sarsa), Hyundai (Motorprim Movento), Land Rover and Jaguar (Movento Auto Pla Vic 4×4), Renault Trucks (Movento Vallès d’Automoció) and Aiways (Movento); Honda motorcycles (Movento Akaimoto); as well as partner companies that operate across the board and provide a service to all the rest.

The private mobility division of the group operates in Vallès Oriental, Vallès Occidental, Maresme, Barcelonès Norte, Baix Llobregat, Bages, Osona and Moianès.

Movento is one of the leading private mobility companies with over 27,000 new and used vehicles sold every year. It is also an expert in fleet management, after-sales services for trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles, buses and coaches. It provides Car-as-a-Service management through the Movento Drive brand, which manages 2,300 vehicles under this model.

It is one of the largest benchmark automotive groups in the sector


New and use vehicles


Brands represented


Cas as a service





Values and purposes

The division operates in line with the Moventia values and purposes, meaning that it provides its services in a way that is committed to people, the regions where it operates, the environment, sustainability and quality.