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Moventis: collective mobility

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Moventis is the division of Moventia that specialises in collective mobility for people

It is made up by a set of individual and separate companies engaged in three areas of urban road transportation, which include bike sharing services, intercity transport and charter transport services.

Through its various services, Moventis moves more than 215 million passengers a year over 172 million kilometres. To do so, it has a fleet of 2,374 buses and coaches, 41 trams, 45,000 bicycles and 50 work centres.


Millions of passengers per year



Millions of kilometres


Buses and coaches






Work centres

Moventis has an extensive international presence

Moventis has an extensive international presence and currently operates on three continents: Europe, America and Asia. Besides being a leader in its home territory of Catalonia, it operates in other parts of Spain (Navarre, the Balearic Islands, Asturias and the Basque Country) as well as

The success of Moventis stems from the effort of its 6,345 employees and it operates under the commitment that comes with flying the Moventia flag.

Wellbeing, sustainability and

The collective mobility division provides its services under a commitment to the wellbeing of its passengers and the territories where it does business. Furthermore, it works hard every day to offer a service that is positive for and committed to the environment, sustainability and quality of service.