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Dacia presents new brand image in Catalonia alongside Movento Auser
30 de November de 2023
The Movento Auser Dacia Terrassa dealership was chosen on Tuesday to officially present the Dacia transformation and brand identity redefinition plan in Catalonia.

Dacia is going through a genuine transformation in which many things are being changed so that the brand’s incredible story of success can continue. Evidence of that success can be found in the fact that it posted its best results ever in 2023, with a 9% share of the private vehicle market and surpassing 50,000 customer orders for models already included in the new image. Dacia has thus managed to position itself in fourth place within the Spanish private market, with 24,038 units sold to date. Furthermore, the Dacia Sandero is the most popular vehicle among private buyers so far in 2023 and continues to lead the Spanish market as it has done for more than 10 years already.

The event was attended by Fernando Vara, Head of After-sales and Quality at Dacia Spain; Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento; and Miquel Martí, Chairman of Moventia. Also attending the event were the Mayor of Terrassa, Jordi Ballart and the Deputy Mayor, Xavier Cardona. The significance of this presentation event was reflected in the attendance by representatives from the Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, PIMEC and CECOT, thereby consolidating the importance and scope of the initiative by Dacia at this key stage of its development.

Dacia completes the transformation of its sales network alongside Movento

From today, the Dacia Network is changing its look with a new image that accompanies the brand transformation and its range of products, remaining faithful to the key values of simplicity, robustness and adventurous spirit. With this new impactful identity, the brand is strengthening its exterior and interior visibility as well as making its network more modern. One of the first dealerships anywhere in the country and the first in Catalonia to completely reveal the new Dacia image can be found in Terrassa (Movento Auser Dacia Terrassa), which has transformed both the exterior and interior of its showroom.

Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento and Member of the Moventia Board of Directors said “today is a very important day for Movento because we have the opportunity to present the new brand image for Dacia in Catalonia as part of what we are calling ‘the Movento group’s motor vehicle city’ in Terrassa and where we have all our brands represented. Today, we hold a 40% market share for vehicles in this city, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to this city and the automotive sector throughout the province of Barcelona”.

Dacia aims to have completed this transformation of the entire Dacia Network over to the new brand identity by the end of 2023.