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Moventia takes part in the Cruyff Foundation Open Day
4 de October de 2023
Representatives from the company and its private mobility division gave their support to the integration through sports event.

On 28 September, Movento—the private mobility division of Moventia— took part in the Open Day organised by the Cruyff Foundation at the Mar Bella Municipal Sports Centre, CEM La Mar Bella, on Avenida del Litoral in Barcelona.

In line with the corporate purpose to contribute to the tasks of executing, coordinating, monitoring and communicating the adapted sport projects organised by the foundation for children and young people with functional diversity, as well as to the various social transformation projects that the foundation runs throughout the region, the company supported the charity institution to help celebrate its quintessential sports day.

The event enabled hundreds of children and young people to enjoy a whole host of sports adapted to their abilities in order for them to discover which one suits them best. The event included a welcome breakfast, various sports activities and a medal award ceremony.

Movento took the opportunity to display the vehicles it loaned to the organisation at the end of August under the partnership agreement it has signed with the foundation: the new Renault Arkana, Austral and Space from Movento Auser, Movento’s Renault and Dacia dealership. The company could also be seen on a number of totem displays distributed throughout the installations, on which it highlighted its purpose to “drive passions” by bringing mobility closer to children and young people with functional diversity.

Susila Cruyff, daughter of Johan Cruyff and president of the foundation, Pati Roura, director of the foundation, and Danny Cruyff and Jordi Cruyff, wife and son of Johan Cruyff, were there to represent the foundation and, alongside the recognised ambassadors and patrons Jaume Roures, Joan Laporta, Ramón Agenjo, Joan Francesc Pont, Xavier Arbós, Eusebio Sacristán and Roger García Junyent, got involved in numerous activities throughout the day. The Chairman of Barcelona FC was there to award medals alongside the children of the footballing legend after whom the foundation is named.

Furthermore, Sílvia Martí, Corporate Vice-President for Internal and Institutional Communication at Moventia; Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento; Antonio Sànchez, General Manager of Movento Auser, and David Martínez, Director of Marketing and Digital Transformation at Movento, represented the multinational company specialising in the mobility sector and its private mobility division at the Open Day organised by the Cruyff Foundation in order to highlight the company’s purpose.

The delegation from Moventia and Movento stressed that one of the CSR lines of activity being undertaken by the company is to get involved in sport and the goal of bringing it to everyone. Taking part in the charity projects organised by the Cruyff Foundation and being its mobility partner is therefore a source of great pride for the company.