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20 de September de 2023
Movento took part in the fourth edition of the Auto Mobility Trends Barometer in September, an analysis published every year by the Coche Global website about the automotive industry and mobility in general as a way to identify trends in the sector.

Held at Casa Seat in Barcelona, the event was attended by Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento. He also took part in a discussion on new mobility alongside Arturo Pérez de Lucía, Managing Director of Aedive; José María Riaño, General Secretary of Anesdor; and Jaime Armengol, Coordinator of Mobility City.

In general terms, Miquel Martí highlighted that the paradigm shift in mobility has led to a revolution in the automotive sector, the transformation of which is based on two things: “adapting the offer to new mobility needs beyond the purchase of vehicles and the development of new low-emission models. That said, the main goal must remain focused on offering the best service to all our customers”.

When questioned by the journalist and moderator, Ana Montenegro, Miquel Martí stressed that Movento has significant sway in the industry and Moventia’s private mobility division works hard to stay at the cutting edge of the sector. He said “we are a group of dealerships that represents 20 different brands. We have a broad perspective and that helps us to understand what is going on. We are creating divisions that lean towards ‘car-as-a-service’ models because it’s much harder to sell electric cars and people have doubts. They try to pay a subscription (for using the vehicle), which comes with an option to cancel. We are seeing a highly significant change and the subscription model is taking off”.

Electrification was another of the topics discussed during the session, especially the challenges that lie ahead for the development of this new model throughout society. On this issue, Miquel Martí said that “access for consumers to new electric models is more expensive and complicated in Spain than in such other countries as Norway or Portugal, where electro-mobility is moving ahead faster. The difference between Spain and Portugal lies in how you receive the subsidy. It can take between one and two years in Spain, whereas it is immediate in Portugal, alongside the purchase. We should move towards that model”.

Auto Mobility Trends 2023 also received support from other important players in the industry, such as SEAT S.A., Anfac, Sernauto and Faconauto, among others, and enjoyed an institutional presence from Mr. Jordi Valls, Fourth Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs, Treasury and Economic Promotion at Barcelona City Council.

The full magazine can be found here