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The Johan Cruyff Foundation chooses Movento Auser as its new mobility partner
1 de September de 2023
Movento Auser, the Renault and Dacia dealership owned by Movento, and the Johan Cruyff Foundation revealed a new partnership agreement between the two organisations on 31 August.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Movento Auser dealership in Sabadell and was also attended by the CEO of Movento, Miquel Martí Pierre; the General Manager of Movento Auser, Antoni Sànchez; the Vice-President of Corporate Affairs at Moventia, Sílvia Martí; and the Director of the Cruyff Foundation, Pati Roura.

Under this solidarity-based agreement that makes a strong commitment to society, our company will bring its personal mobility expertise to the tasks of executing, coordinating, monitoring and communicating the adapted sport projects carried out by the Cruyff Foundation for children and young people with functional diversity, as well as to the various social transformation projects that the Cruyff Foundation runs throughout the region.

More specifically, Movento Auser has provided three vehicles for the foundation to use; the new Renault Arkana, Austral and Space. These models were chosen to provide maximum support for the work undertaken by the foundation and to best suit the needs of the children involved. 

During the presentation, Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento, welcomed the result of this agreement by saying “a commitment to progress in society is an inherent part of our DNA and the values upheld by our company. Movento is fully dedicated to sport and wants to make sure everyone can enjoy its benefits. That’s why we are extremely proud and excited to become the official mobility partner of an organisation like the Cruyff Foundation, which supports and organises sports projects for needy boys and girls around the world”.

Sílvia Martí, Corporate Vice-President for Internal and Institutional Communication at Moventia, also supported the agreement by saying “Moventia donates a part of its profits every year to various social actions in order to foster development in society. For that reason, we are enormously pleased to be working hand in hand with the Johan Cruyff Foundation to bring sport to children with special needs. This initiative is perfectly aligned with our purpose to promote a lifestyle based on such values as respect, equality, tolerance and inclusion”.

In turn, Pati Roura, Director of the Cruyff Foundation, said that “mobility is an essential factor in ensuring excellence for all the Cruyff Foundation’s social projects and having a positive impact on our society”. She went on to add that “working alongside Movento, a company with a commitment to society that believes in and upholds the same values as our organisation, is something that fills us with satisfaction while also providing a sense of common purpose to this agreement”.