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Services and Experience

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Our services and experience

Urban public-transport network

We provide urban public-transport services. We currently have over 15 operating contracts in Spain, France and Saudi Arabia, moving more than 50 million people each year.

Operation of Multi-modal systems

In the micro-mobility arena, at Moventis we have experience in operating public services for individual mobility. Through our share in Inurba Mobility, we are present in 13 cities in Europe and America with a fleet of 40,000 bicycles.

Funding of mobility projects

Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector, at Moventis we also take part in mobility projects by contributing our funding, such as the new digital ticketing system with contactless technology for the public-transport network in the Barcelona region.

Transport-Information and Management Centres

Through our 5 centres, we manage customer services for a total of 65 operators. We provide information services in real time on modes of transport and journey planning, as well as lost items, personalised transport cards and claims, among other services.

Transport for special needs

We believe mobility is a universal right for all. So, we have transport services for people with reduced mobility using fully adapted vehicles.

Interurban and long-distance transport network

We provide interurban and long-distance transport services. We have more than 18 services of this sort, including our newest operation managing the interurban bus network in Saudi Arabia. Through these services, we transport over 18 million passengers each year.

Operation of LRT and tramways

We are partners in and operators of Tranvía de Barcelona, in Baix Llobregat and Besós. We have a fleet of 41 trams that move more than 26MM passengers each year.

Coaches and vehicles for a wide range of services and occasions

At Moventis we also have a division that specialises in non-scheduled coach journeys. We currently have a fleet of over 500 latest-generation vehicles, allowing us to offer service based on quality, comfort and safety.

On-demand transport services

We offer on-demand transport services in 12 countries, allowing us to tailor our services to our customers. Plus, this mode of transport allows us to cut fuel consumption by up to 12%.

Tourist services

Tourism is a driver of the economy in Catalonia and at Moventis we have extensive experience in this sector. We currently operate 6 concessions, including the Barcelona city tourist bus (Barcelona City Tour) and Catalonia Bus Turístic. In total, we have a fleet of 40 buses used for these services.

Sales and distribution

We sell and distribute over 16 brands of vehicles in the province of Barcelona through 7 dealership groups: Mercedes-Benz (Movento Stern Motor), Renault and Dacia (Movento Auser), Seat, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Cupra (Movento Sarsa), Hyundai (Motorprim Movento), Land Rover and Jaguar (Movento Auto Pla Vic 4×4); and motorcycles Honda (Movento Akaimoto).

Post-sales service

We take into account all the services our customers may need over the lifespan of the vehicle: mechanical repairs, paint and body work, maintenance… and all with the quality and service of the official garages of the brands we represent.

Fleet management

We offer consultancy services for companies to help them find the best mobility services: extensive offering of brands, options in all vehicle segments, and other exclusive services. All with specialised guidance.

Movento Drive

Because we believe each person has a different take on mobility, at Movento we offer our customers various options for enjoying a private vehicle: purchase, hire, lease or the Car-as-a-Service subscription model.