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Movento and CIRCUTOR join forces to offer a comprehensive sustainable mobility solution
20 de September de 2023
The two companies have signed a partnership agreement to offer the best recharging technology solution to their customers.

The company’s private mobility division, Movento, and CIRCUTOR, a benchmark company in the development of comprehensive solutions for energy efficiency, signed an agreement in September. Under this partnership, Movento will offer a complete value proposition for sustainable mobility to its customers.

The partnership between the two companies seeks to offer a more complete proposition to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle buyers; from the purchase itself right through to installation and activation of the recharging point, as well as advice on managing the subsidy application under the MOVES III Plan.

Movento customers will now be able to enjoy a comprehensive turnkey service from when they start buying a vehicle at one of its dealerships right through to when the CIRCUTOR experts provide their advice and the officially approved partners install and connect the recharging points at their home.

The agreement is aimed at both private Movento customers looking to buy a fully sustainable vehicle and to install a recharging point at their home, and companies that own a vehicle fleet looking to convert over to electric, thereby extending the comprehensive solution to both B2C and B2B business.

This partnership agreement forms part of Movento’s sustainability strategy, which seeks to develop policies that help look after the environment such as the promotion of eco-efficient energies like electrification and driving sustainable mobility in general.

Miquel Martí Pierre, CEO of Movento, said “this agreement we have reached with CIRCUTOR lets us make a significant leap forward and offer a comprehensive solution to our customers –vehicle, recharging point installation, financing and insurance – in order to make it easier for customers to switch over to the electric model more smoothly. We are convinced that this partnership will enable Movento to move forward and become a benchmark in electric mobility as well”.