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Moventia appears on New Leaders programme entitled “Committed to Our Future” by Foment del Treball
12 July 2023
On the programme, our mobility company strongly defended the responses being given to new sustainable mobility challenges and the application of innovative global solutions.

Moventia was one of the companies chosen to appear on the New Leaders programme entitled “Committed to Our Future” organised by the Foment del Treball employers’ association and broadcast on TV3.

This project seeks to highlight success stories among companies in Catalonia and to reflect the incredible role they are playing in support of the necessary transformations within society.

Alongside the Bakery Group agency, the Foment del Treball employers’ association organised this campaign to boost knowledge and contribute towards a significant change in the policies applicable to various sectors.

Sandra Llunell, Head of Marketing at Moventia, represented our company on the programme entitled “Committed to Our Future”. While speaking on the programme, she highlighted the work Moventia is doing to improve mobility in our cities and took part in a debate on existing and future challenges in society. 

During the debate, Sandra Llunell stressed that “achieving sustainable mobility over the coming years requires a boost to public transport in the metropolitan areas of major cities; reaching important public-private agreements that will enable us to decarbonise our fleets; and adapting the use of private transport to new demands from users, such as car sharing or subscription-based models”.

The companies appearing on the programme, which was part of Micro-, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day on 27 June, also included Celsa, MicroBank, Aigües de Barcelona and BASF.

The programme was streamed in full on the YouTube channel of Foment del Treball. You can watch it again by clicking here.

Sílvia Martí, Corporate Vice-President of Moventia, took part in the initiative by joining the special mobility section of the New Leaders programme. She said that Moventia “understands that the mobility solution of the future must boost public transport while offering a quality and efficient model for passengers. Not only in major cities but also in metropolitan areas”. Sílvia Martí went on to add that this model“should co-exist with various other transport models, such as private vehicles, charter coach transport and micro mobility, among others”. In order to continue developing sustainable mobility, our expert said that we “need to adapt the offer to new consumption habits, such as shared mobility in electric vehicles or subscription-based models known as Car as a Service”. She concluded by saying that “the real problems we face today in mobility require an urgent decarbonisation plan for both public transport fleets and private vehicles”. To achieve that, she insisted on “the essential nature of public-private partnerships, as well as private European funds to renew vehicle fleets and install a strong recharging point network”.

Moventia would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to take part in such an innovative and necessary project, as well as for the chance to highlight the main challenges facing our cities in terms of the strong demand for mobility that is increasingly more sustainable and environmentally friendly.