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Moventia, a company that is committed to corporate social responsibility
21 December 2023
A commitment to supporting progress by society has formed an integral part of the values and DNA at Moventia since day one.

The company allocates 3.2% of its profits to various social projects each year and is or has been involved in more than 50 charity, research and cultural projects over the course of its long history. Furthermore, efforts are made on a daily basis to promote initiatives and solutions that improve mobility in all walks of life within the territories where it operates.

For transparency reasons, another major hallmark of the company, the group has been producing Corporate Social Responsibility Reports every year for the last five years. These documents compile the main indicators underpinning our leadership as a company in the sustainable mobility sector.

The reports therefore demonstrate the efforts being made by every member of Moventia to ensure the continuity of this project, beyond mere business growth. The reports include future commitments to creating social value and complying with the management criteria for sustainable development set by ESG (Environmental Social Governance) criteria.

CSR Reports, available to all

In order to highlight the actions taken over the years for a positive impact on all its stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, regulators, communities and all of society in general), Moventia makes these annual reports available to all on its website. This means that anyone who wants to discover more about the altruistic and social nature of the company can read more about it here.