Experts in sustainable mobility since 1923

Moventia is a family business that was set up in 1923 and currently run by the family’s third generation, with the fourth generation having joined recently.

Moventia, with our two main business units: Movento and Moventis, we offer a response to the mobility needs of individuals and organisations via a global and complementary offer in the field of transportation and the automotive industry, anticipating new habits and basing ourselves on dynamic, innovative and sustainable products and services, and introducing new technologies for the development of our activities.  

At Moventia, we carry over 110 million passengers a year and commercialise close on 26,000 vehicles annually, both new and second-hand.

At Moventia, we have over 4,000 partners with whom we share our values, customer service philosophy and innovative spirit.

All this makes Moventia one of the leading players in the public and private sustainable mobility market.


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Movento, one of the leading players in private mobility, encompasses all the Moventia companies engaged in the automotive industry.

Movento, with over 60 years of experience and representing 17 brands, and with companies that distribute new and semi-new cars, motorbikes and industrial vehicles, eco-friendly vehicles and user services. 

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Moventis is the division encompassing all the Moventia companies engaged in the transportation of passengers by bus, coach, tram and other means of transport, such as car sharing and public bicycle hire. 

Moventis, leader in public mobility, is currently one of the most recognised urban and interurban transport operators with the most extensive geographical coverage.

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