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Sant Cugat Empresarial pays tribute to Moventia at its Nit del Soci
29 de September de 2023
The organisation recognised the successful track record enjoyed by the multinational company specialising in the mobility sector.

Sant Cugat Empresarial (SCE), a multi-sectoral association that represents micro-, small-, medium- and large-sized companies with commercial or business-related interests and ties in Sant Cugat, celebrated its acclaimed Nit del Soci on 28 October.

The gala evening, which took place at the Casa Fuster Masia Sant Cugat, was organised to recognise the track record of member companies that have done good things for the city with a positive impact on the region as a whole in the field of technology, innovation and social sustainability. Moventia was among the companies recognised at the event.

Following a welcome speech by the Chairman of Sant Cugat Empresarial, Jaume Vives, and another by the Director of Business Centres at the Regional Office of CaixaBank in Barcelona, José Manuel García, the four companies selected this year were introduced: Cugat Natura (FIATC Residències), VIA Empresa, Boehringer Ingelheim and Roche Diagnostics.

Sant Cugat Empresarial then moved on to the Special Mention award for the evening, which was given to Moventia. The association recognised the corporate track record of the company and celebrated its centenary.

Sílvia Martí, Corporate Vice-President for Internal and Institutional Communication at Moventia , went up on stage to thank the association for this award on behalf of the company. She said “We are extremely happy and grateful for this special recognition from SCE. Celebrating 100 years of history is an achievement that was only made possible by the support provided by the business community of Sant Cugat, a municipality that has been home to our corporate headquarters and the heart of our group for the last 15 years. On behalf of the whole Moventia family, we want to thank you for being a part of our history and for sharing this special moment with us”.