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Moventia supports Catalonia’s “microtowns” by sponsoring the Itinera Parlem Festival
28 de April de 2023
The family-owned multinational transport company is renewing its sponsorship as a commitment to Catalan culture.

As part of its commitment to supporting the regions where it operates, Moventia is once again sponsoring the III Itinera Parlem Festival, which will take place from 1 April to 31 October.

The project created by the Catalan Association of Microtowns and Aktive was launched in 2021 to raise the profile of “microtowns” – municipalities with less than 500 inhabitants – in Catalonia and their attractive features through quality music in micro format.

The festival involves over 300 towns and will include more than 200 concerts by musicians from the genres of Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Soul, as well as important benchmark performers from the Catalan music scene. The event is partnering with the El Liceu Conservatory and the ESMUC College of Music.

During its first edition, the Itinera Festival was given an Impulsa Award by the Catalonia Culture Foundation. The incredible work by this festival was recognised by the awards for de-ruralisation through culture and music, in turn demonstrating that culture fosters social transformation.

Moventia shares this vision and understands culture as a tool for conveying values that encourages critical thought and becomes an instrument for social cohesion and development in a more active society. That is why Moventia promotes and supports actions and projects that seek to bring quality culture from this region to everyone.

Moventia has been awarded the PROMOTES CULTURE Seal of Quality from the Catalonia Culture Foundation in recognition of its ties to and involvement in promoting Catalan culture.