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Moventia receives visit from Ester Capella, Josep Maria Vallès and students from the Euncet Business School
21 de September de 2023
In July and August, Moventia received some important institutional and academic visitors.

On 31 July, Josep Maria Vallès, the new Mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès City Council, on behalf of Junts, visited our headquarters in the city to strengthen ties and continue improving public transport for the city.

The city council leader said that “it is important to have companies like Moventia in Sant Cugat that do business with the world and offer support to the entire business sector through joint projects and mutual collaboration”.

One week later, Ester Capella, who replaced Juli Fernàndez in June as Territorial Councillor of the Regional Government of Catalonia, also visited our premises and met with our executives to outline new lines of action for the years ahead.

Towards the end of July, our corporate headquarters became a giant classroom as students of the Online Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Family Business at the Euncet Business School, taught in partnership with CEDEM, visited the building for an activity included in Academic Week 2023.

Our Corporate Vice-President, Sílvia Martí, welcomed the students to the installations at our corporate building and presented the history of Moventia Group to the 42 students, while also explaining the goals and philosophy behind the generational family succession protocol.

In her talk, Sílvia Martí highlighted the challenge from a perspective of the family’s business governance protocol of needing a desire for continuity, dialogue and understanding within and between the various generations, as well as the importance of professionalisation for all members of the organisation.

This academic visit arose from a commitment between the Euncet Business School and Moventia, which forms part of the Euncet Network, aimed at bringing companies closer to university talent, as well as to reveal business realities to those students via real experience-based and professional case studies.