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Moventia receives Award for Internationalisation at 16th Awards and Medals of Honour from Foment del Treball
2 de November de 2023
Moventia was given the prestigious Carles Ferrer Salat Award for Internationalisation at the 16th Awards and Medals of Honour from Foment del Treball.

The event, which took place on 30 October at the National Theatre of Catalonia, was attended by top business owners and institutional leaders.

The award was given to Moventia in recognition of its outstanding international development in recent years, with a special focus on such key markets as Saudi Arabia and France. These achievements have made a significant contribution to expansion by the company beyond the borders of Catalonia and Spain.

The awards ceremony was attended by top institutional leaders that included the President of the Regional Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès i Garcia; the acting Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Héctor Gómez; Jaume Collboni, Mayor of Barcelona; and the Chairman of Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre.

The award was collected by Miquel Martí, Chairman of Moventia, who was accompanied by the other members of the Board of Directors. This award gains additional significance when considering it coincides with the centenary of Moventia, marking a major milestone in the company’s history, and reflects the group’s ongoing commitment to business excellence and its contribution to the Catalan economy.

Besides the award given to Moventia, Foment del Treball gave the Medal of Honour for Businessman of the Year to the Chairman of FIATC Seguros, Joan Castells Trius, in recognition of his leadership of this organisation, and the Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Business to Juan Echevarría Puig. The other companies recognised at the event were Randstad (Equality), ESBO Logistics (Innovation), Coca Cola and the NGO k9 Creixell (Social Responsibility), Vallformosa (SME of the Year) and Transports Generals d’Olesa (Sustainable Development).