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Moventia is committed to promoting equality and diversity in the workplace
15 December 2023
The company specialising in collective and private mobility has renewed its SGI 20.10 Equal Opportunities Management System certificate due to its strong social commitment in the workplace.

As part of its firm commitment to integrated equality in the business environment, the multinational company Moventia has adopted a proactive approach to guaranteeing non-discrimination and equal opportunities within its various divisions.

Its priorities include protecting the wellbeing of its workforce while also boosting and upgrading the skills of its workers. The business group therefore adopts systems and methods aimed at fostering equality and diversity based on a zero-tolerance posture towards discrimination in the workplace, thereby building a positive atmosphere at the company.

In that sense, 15 companies within the business group, Moventis and Movento, continue to fly the flag of social responsibility in the workplace for yet another year.

Because of that, the company has successfully renewed the international SGI 20.10 certification of its Equal Opportunities Management System, a process overseen by SGI Standards, a member of the specialised SGP Group. In the previous year, the company obtained this recognition for its internally applied socially responsible efforts.

Moventia also demonstrates its commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion through various practices within its hiring and internal promotion processes with a special emphasis on gender equality. The mobility specialist considers the fight against all forms of discrimination at all its divisions to be a major priority.

The company has adopted a proactive approach to assessing the wellbeing of its workforce, and consistently evolves and adapts to the various advancements made in terms of equal opportunities and social inclusion.

As a multinational player in the collective and private transport sector, Moventia is the result of a long 100-year journey with a constant focus on corporate social responsibility applied not only to the mobility industry but also to social issues in the community. It has always been focused on looking after that community through a firm commitment to global improvement while also contributing to charity projects.