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Moventia celebrates 100 years with its employees
27 de September de 2023
Moventia celebrated its centenary in unique surroundings on 16 September: at the Barcelona L’Auditori.

Almost 1,700 Moventia employees attended the event organised to celebrate this anniversary, which included several important and emotional moments.

The renowned actor Pep Plaza served as master of ceremonies for the event, which began with an emotional speech from the Chairman of Moventia, Miquel Martí. He expressed gratitude for the commitment demonstrated by everyone over the last 100 years of history and especially those who make it possible for Moventia to be the mobility benchmark it is today. 

A number of government authorities also attended the centenary celebration, with Pere Aragonès i Garcia, President of the Regional Government of Catalonia, praising the excellent work done by the company and its employees over all these years.

One of the most captivating moments of the event was a spectacular concert performed by the El Vallès Symphony Orchestra. Some of the greatest classics of the silver screen were represented by the numerous film soundtracks played by these outstanding musicians. Furthermore, the orchestra also entertained Moventia employees with a fun Orchestral Coaching and Sound Painting session.

To finish off the event, attendees were able to enjoy some delicious food while sharing impressions with colleagues and spending a pleasant time in the best company. 

It was a day full of emotions on which all the professionals from Moventia, Moventis and Movento reminisced about the past and recharged their batteries in order to look ahead to the future with a greater passion and more excitement than ever.

Watch the video here.