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Miquel Martí, Chairman of Moventia, receives Personal and Business Career award at Premis Cambra Sabadell 2023
30 de November de 2023
The group’s chairman was recognised for his work leading the company and for his firm commitment to the region.

Miquel Martí, Chairman of the Moventia Group, received an award at the Premis Cambra Sabadell 2023 in recognition of his Personal and Business Career leading the family company that specialises in mobility.

This recognition of the group’s chairman highlights his personal career and the company’s professional development under a firm commitment to Sabadell in the El Vallés region, where its business first began.

The 41st Premis Cambra Sabadell 2023, organised by the entity representing the general interests of trade and industry in Sabadell, took place at the Fira Sabadell convention and trade fair centre on Wednesday, 29 November.

The award ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Sabadell, Marta Farrés, who gave a speech to several leading figures from politics, economics, society and institutions in the region.

Once again, the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce organised an award ceremony for these important prizes in order to highlight the key role played by various entities and professionals in contributing to the development of economic activity in the region.

With the prize given to Miquel Martí as leader of the one hundred-year-old family business, the Chamber of Commerce recognised the hard work and perseverance from the group in transforming Sabadell.

However, the commitment from Moventia goes far beyond mere business development en El Vallés. Over the years, the company has particularly emphasised the importance of social value with a consistently positive impact and a purpose aimed at building efficient mobility in the towns and cities where it operates.

As a result, receiving this award is an incentive for Moventia to continue promoting the company’s strategic priorities in the private and collective mobility sector in response to the new challenges for the present and future aimed at meeting the needs of the public.

Furthermore, the annual event organised by the Chamber of Commerce enabled business leaders and representatives from major companies operating in the region to meet in professional and emotive surroundings for a clear purpose: to promote growth and transformation in the economy.

The company thanked the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce for its great work in support of the local business fabric. The organisation also plays a key role in globalising the local economy. It then congratulated all the other companies recognised at the Premios Cambra Sabadell 2023 for their Business Career.