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Miquel Martí at “Desperta BCN!”
28 de April de 2023
The Chairman of Moventia took part in an event promoted by Crónica Global, Metrópoli and El Español.

The Chairman of Moventia, Miquel Martí, took part in the “Desperta BCN!” forum on Friday organised by Crónica Global, Metrópoli and El Español that seeks to reflect on and debate the future of the Catalan capital. More specifically, Miquel Martí took part in a round table discussion on mobility alongside Mayte Castillo, Director of Rodalies de Catalunya, and the journalist Manel Manchón, Deputy Editor of Metrópoli.

In his talk, the Chairman of Moventia stressed that the success of mobility in the Greater Barcelona area (which encompasses almost four million inhabitants) poses two major challenges: “Firstly, a firm commitment to public transport in the outer metropolitan area to double the current market share of 20% (in the inner metropolitan area, this figure stands at 55%). Secondly, the unquestionable challenge of decarbonisation”, he said. Within a context where all sustainability eyes are on the transport sector, Miquel Martí called for “a stronger public-private partnership for tackling the major project to decarbonise our vehicle fleets. Neither the public authorities nor private companies can do this alone. A partnership is therefore needed right now, immediately, to ensure we can use the Next Generation funds to that end”.

When asked whether the tram will continue to operate in Barcelona – one of the main issues in the municipal pre-election campaign – Miquel Martí stressed that “the tram debate must be solid, objective and based on data. Surveys have backed up the success of this means of transportation for many years and, from my point of view, there should be no doubt over its future continuity”.