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Josep Maria Martí at Catalan Association of Civil Engineers
4 de April de 2023
Vice-President of Moventia and CEO of Moventis takes part in Electric Bus Day.

The CEO of Moventia and Executive Vice-President of MoventisJosep Maria Martí, took part in an event entitled “Electric Bus Day: Decisions for now, challenges for the future”.

The event took place at the Catalan Association of Civil Engineers, which promoted the event, and was moderated by the Chairman and a Member of the association’s Mobility, Transport and Logistics Committee, Oriol Juncadella and Guillem Alsina, respectively.

The conference focused on the energy transition within the field of passenger transportation and was attended by important representatives from several transport operators, including Manel Rivera Bennàssar, Bus Manager at UITP; Josep Maria Armengol, Head of Bus Technology at TMB; Carles Fàbregas, Managing Director of TUSGSAL-DIREXIS; and José Ariño, Secretary of the Automotive Technicians Society, as well as Josep Maria Martí, on behalf of Moventia.

During the event, these experts discussed such issues as “the electric bus around the world” and “the electric bus from an industry perspective”, and debated relevant issues tied to sustainable mobility in the future focused on social wellbeing.

Josep Maria Martí was a leading figure at the debating table. He said that “Moventia’s commitment and responsibility to reducing environmentally harmful emissions and bringing us closer to carbon neutrality is reflected in our professional history. In the last four years, we have successfully reduced our CO2 emissions to protect the environment from burning more than 400,000 litres of diesel with our fully electric bus service”. The CEO of Moventia and Executive Vice-President of Moventis subsequently highlighted another of the sustainability initiatives undertaken by the company in recent years.

At Moventia, we are committed to investing in technology with a low environmental impact, both in terms of public transport and private transport. We work to offset the negative impacts for the environment as we are fully aware of the consequences that stem from urban and intercity mobility. This is precisely why taking part in this kind of professional events helps us to highlight our mission and to learn from other professionals in the sector.