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28th Cecot Nit de l’Empresa gives its Centennial Company Award to Moventia
27 de October de 2023
Sílvia Martí, Corporate Vice-President of Moventia, was there to receive the award.

The Catalan employers’ association, Cecot, celebrated the 28th Nit de l’Empresa on Thursday, 26 October, at which the Cecot Awards in Recognition of Business Progress were presented.

The event, which took place at the Teatre Auditori in Sant Cugat for the first time, presented its Centennial Company Award to Moventia in recognition of the company’s effort, perseverance, desire to overcome obstacles and contribution to economic and business development in Catalonia over the course of its 100 years of history. Other companies and organisations, including Sant Cugat Empresarial, were also given awards in various categories at the ceremony.

Following speeches from Xavier Panés, Chairman of Cecot, and Pere Aragonès, President of the Regional Government of Catalonia, who presided over the event, Sílvia Martí, Corporate Vice-President of Moventia, collected the award on behalf of the company. The Mayor of Sant Cugat, Josep Maria Vallès, the acting Minister for the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and the Chairman of the Catalan employers’ association that organised the event handed over the commemorative plaque dedicated to Moventia.

It was a great honour for the multinational family company specialising in the mobility sector to be recognised by the employers’ association as one of the centennial companies worthy of this recognition.

Moventia was also present at the event as a sponsor. Besides supporting the event, the company’s private mobility division—Movento—had three vehicles on display: a Mercedes EQS 450+, a Volkswagen Touareg and an Audi Q3, representing the three brands with which it operates. Furthermore, the company installed a a large-scale piece of infrastructure bearing the names of the dealerships operating within its personal mobility division and the centenary logo being used by Moventia.