The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused immeasurable human loss and untold havoc for Ukrainian society. This situation has led non-profit organisations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), to focus their efforts on providing as much aid as possible to the territory.

UNHCR has been working from day one to provide Ukrainian society with essential resources and to offer protection. That is why we at Moventia decided to contribute to the cause by collaborating with the NGO through in-house fundraising.

We encourage our employees to contribute privately to the cause through the UNHCR’s fundraising platform. Additionally, the company made a financial contribution, bringing the total funds raised to 12,442 euros.

On 14 February, UNHCR representatives visited Moventia’s headquarters and reported that 786 refugees in other countries who were displaced by the invasion have received protection and assistance, as well as warm clothing, sleeping bags, and hygiene supplies, as a result of our charity efforts.

This is the first time that Moventia has worked alongside this United Nations entity. The company has also expressed its firm commitment to continue contributing to social causes, in line with principles that it holds dear, such as corporate social responsibility and a spirit of solidarity.


23 de February de 2023