Moventia, in motion since 1923

Moventia is a family business that was set up in 1923 and currently run by the family’s third generation, with the fourth generation having joined recently.


The major milestones in our history

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Our history in stages

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One: 1923-1939 Miquel Martí Adell sets up the group

During this first stage, the company starts to grow thanks to development and growth in the city of Sabadell itself and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, by venturing into the city of Barcelona, the company grew to have 15 buses and some 50 employees in only 13 years of existence.

This upward trend was cut short by the Spanish Civil War, when the company was confiscated and collectivised due to its public service status.

Two: 1939-1950 Reconstruction and rebirth of the company

After the war ended, this stage basically represented a rebirth of the company following the recovery of some of the material seized. However, the difficulties posed by the Spanish autarchical economy should not be forgotten due to the shortage of fuel and the non-existence of a bus market.

Three: 1951-1979 The first expansion by the group

With a second generation now leading the company, the group’s first period of expansion began: the cities were growing, industrial development was arriving and the bus was becoming a priority need because it solved the lack of mobility generated by the economic development of cities and their metropolitan areas. Furthermore, the group grew outside of Catalonia and started providing the urban bus services in Cordoba and Zaragoza, among other places. At the same time, the company began to diversify within the motor vehicles distribution sector, starting out with a small Renault dealership in Sabadell.

Four: 1980-1990 Another decline and strong recovery

After losing Autotransportes Martí and the urban bus service in Cordoba due to the municipalisation of public services following the first post-Franco elections, the company was reborn again under the leadership of a third generation of the family. Autotransportes Martín SA and Renom Bus (now Sarbús) merged in 1985, which brought new opportunities for the two companies in the passenger transport by road sector and also enabled them to launch significant operations in this sector in Catalonia. 

Five: 1991-2017 Major expansion by the group

This stage saw the fastest expansion by the business. Transportes Ciudad Condal (TCC) was incorporated, and Empresa Casas and Sarfa were acquired. They were also awarded the contract to operate the Barcelona Tram and the Barcelona Tourist Bus service. Furthermore, the automotive industry division grew to represent nine car brands (Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Dacia, Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Renault Trucks) and six motorcycle brands (Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Derbi and MotoGuzzi) in 13 cities under the brands Auser, Sarsa, Stern Motor and Motospazio.

Moventia is still in motion

Today, the challenge for Moventia and the commitment made by the third and fourth generations of the family is to maintain the legacy of the past, continue the internationalisation process and expand the group further. The history of Moventia would not have been written had its values not always been maintained: commitment, honesty, trust, innovation, sustainability and spirit. These efforts have always been accompanied by the challenges faced by any family business: generational continuity, sustainable growth, professionalisation and constant innovation.

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