Coaches and buses are enclosed spaces that contain an ever-changing and significant number of people. For that reason, cleaning and disinfecting these spaces is an essential task for both manufacturers and operators. Seats are one of the on-board items most prone to getting dirty.

Fully aware of the current situation, TCC Pamplona has been committed for some time to the Is-Pure system for its seats. These seats provide antibacterial protection, slow the formation of odours, offer protection and improve hygiene and comfort. The Is-Pure system is based on action by silver ions (Ag+).

According to Ramon Palau, General Manager of TCC Pamplona, “we are pioneers in this regard, because we conducted tests with the fabric even before it was brought to market, some seven years ago. Furthermore, the new units we will receive in June will also include this technology”, he explained.

In terms of seat cleaning, Ramon Palau said that “we’re talking about something you can’t see, that passengers don’t notice, but forms part of our ongoing improvement efforts. We constantly research and introduce anything that can help improve our customer service. It’s just another safety feature”.

11 de March de 2020