The environment, a problem for today and tomorrow

At Moventia, we are fully aware of how important it is to protect our natural resources and we are committed to protecting the environment, given that our current quality of life and that of our children depends on it.


​Emovement is the driving force behind the emergence of electric cars in the Spanish market. The sale of these vehicles is one of the key measures aimed at slowing climate change. Based on the Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Plan, Emovement is committed to bringing a range of products to meet these needs into the Spanish market: cars (Reva), motorcycles (Vectrix) and vans (Beepo). 


Best Practices

Moventis has implemented an awareness and technology improvement plan due to our concern over energy saving, the reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere and cost saving. Hence, the action plan for offsetting these three effects consists of:

- Efficient driving improvement courses

- Studies on the use of synthetic oils for engine lubrication in partnership with Mobil Spain

- Plant-based Diesel-Bi fuel demonstrations

- Experimentation with the fully electric eco-bus in the Barcelona area

- Injection pump head correction


Solar panels

The Barcelona Tram installations, as well as the two most recently built dealerships, have solar panels fitted to help reduce electricity costs, which are clean, silent and environmentally-friendly.



​Moventia was a shareholder and driving force behind the first car sharing initiative in Catalonia, Carsharing, S.A. Avancar. Car sharing is a modern mobility concept that fosters the rational use of transportation and offers the chance to use a car whenever you need to without having to own one, thereby helping to reduce individual and social costs. 

It has been offering its services since 2005 and was the first company to do so in Spain. It now has over 3,500 customers using its services, of which 20% are professionals. 



We offer consultancy on business transformation to increase sustainability

At Moventia, we are pioneers in the introduction of clean technologies into public transport services and we currently operate a fleet of over 580 sustainable buses, including electric, hybrid and natural gas buses.

We are therefore experts in:

  • Conservation systems to extend the useful life of vehicles
  • Mid-life regeneration projects
  • Implementation of driving supervision systems
  • Consumption and emissions reduction audits and plans
  • Feasibility studies on bus network hybridisation
  • Waste reduction plans
  • Fuel processing and management plans to increase efficiency
  • Consultancy on ISO and EMA implementation


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