Official Mercedes-Benz and Smart dealership

Stern Motor is the official dealership of the Movento group and opened its first premises in July 1994, in Sabadell. Stern Motor represents the distribution, sale and repair of cars, vans and lorries from the Mercedes and Smart brands in Sabadell and Terrassa. 

Its activity as a Mercedes and Smart dealership is aimed at offering the best services and quality care to all its customers, both individuals and companies or renting companies, in the areas where it operates.

Stern Motor provides this service to its customers in two towns via a workforce of 160 people. It has three premises in El Vallès Occidental of over 25,000 m2. The Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Vic and Manresa currently employ a workforce of 57 people. Over the course of 2017, the company posted a total turnover of 30 million euros and sold over 2,591 vehicles (new, used and industrial). 

Nowadays, Stern Motor is the only dealership within Spain that has managed to win the Sensia Awards from the multinational Mercedes-Benz every year since 2003. These awards recognise those dealerships and garages that excel in their compliance with international ISO standards, which define the most demanding quality standards and require the greatest respect for the environment.

At Stern Motor, we work with the entire range of Mercedes products: cars, all-terrain vehicles, vans and lorries. We also offer the widest selection of original spare parts and accessories.

We lend particular importance to second-hand vehicles at Stern Motor and our customers find some genuine bargains in this department, where we offer the exclusive Star Guarantee from Mercedes-Benz and the professional skills of our employees alongside vehicles of incredible quality at truly exceptional prices.  

Since 1999, together with other partners and under the Mercedes-Benz brand, the Stern Motor, Eduardo Velasco (now Nayper Motor), Garaje Plana and Auto Subministros Motor dealerships joined forces to create the Sociedad Catalana de Camiones (Catalan Truck Company), an official dealership for the sale of Mercedes-Benz lorries to the provinces of Barcelona, Lleida and Girona. Today, after its first 15 years, this company is one of the country’s leaders in terms of both units sold and turnover, and the dealerships that make up the company are responsible for managing the after-sales service in those towns where each dealership operates - Sabadell, Terrassa, Fornells de la Selva, Lleida, Vic and Vilamalla - while always striving to meet the needs of their customers.

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