T-mobilitat: A single card for all your mobility needs

Promoted by the Regional Government of Catalonia and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (Spanish acronym: ATM), T-mobilitat is a piece of technological innovation that will allow citizens to use a single card for all their travel requirements, replacing all the various transport cards that currently exist with a transport app contained on a contactless chip. 

It is a pioneering project that extends beyond the scope of public transport services. The goal is for it to become a basic tool for mobility management due to its ability to integrate all modes of transport into one single smart device. Furthermore, it will be possible to apply this technology to other media, such as watches, wristbands or even mobile phones with NFC technology (Near Field Communication).

This new system will foster the use of public transport through discounts, will adapt public transport costs to the real mobility of each person and will allow users to decide how to pay for their transport (pre-payment, direct debit, Internet top-ups, etc.).



In 2014 and together with three companies of recognised international standing, Moventia was awarded a contract by the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona (Spanish acronym: ATM) to implement an innovative system enabling integrated management of payment collection from the entire public transport system in Barcelona and Catalonia.

The contract encompasses all transport in Catalonia, with the installation of new contactless turnstiles and validation points, as well as management of the Customer Services Centre and the Transport Management and Information Centre, of which Moventia is the lead partner.

INDRA, LA CAIXA, FUJITSU and Moventia are the companies making up the new company, SOCMOBILITAT, responsible for executing this public-private partnership contract for a period of 15 years. This new system will be launched in Barcelona at the end of 2018 and will be extended to all other provinces of Catalonia in 2019.



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