Moventia wins Vélib’, the bikesharing project in Paris

Through the Smovengo consortium, which also includes the French companies Indigo, Mobivia and Smoove, Moventia was awarded the contract to manage Vélib’ Métropole, the public bicycle hire service in the metropolitan area of Paris, with 23,000 bicycles and 1,800 parking stations.

The proposal from Smovengo is pioneering in terms of both technology and design, with lighter and stronger bicycles, as well as the introduction of an electric motor on 30% of the whole fleet. The consortium also guarantees better management of the parking stations in order to avoid saturation (based on an innovative system that allows users to return a bicycle even when a station is full) and a security system to avoid possible theft. The launch of this service increased the size of the public bicycle fleet in Paris and its metropolitan area. 


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