Concesionario Motorprim

The acquisition of Motorprim forms part of the expansion strategy being implemented by the automotive group in Catalonia.

Movento, the automotive division of Moventia, recently incorporated Motorprim into the group, an official Hyundai dealership operating in Badalona and Mataró. Integration of this company forms part of the global growth strategy being implemented by the family business to boost operations around the region. The acquisition of Motorprim in the Barcelonés Norte and Maresme area has resulted in the addition of another automotive brand of recognised standing. This operation adds over 1,000 sales units to the Movento group.

Movento and Motorprim share a similar track record given insofar as that both have 25 years of experience in the districts of Barcelonés and El Maresme. Motorprim represents Hyundai while Movento operates with the Renault and Dacia brands.

“The addition of this new brand represents a new and encouraging challenge for Moventia, which will no doubt make a positive contribution to the consolidation and positioning of Movento within its automotive business”, said Miquel Martí, Chairman of Moventia Group.

At present, Motorprim employs a total of 33 people and owns two facilities in Badalona and Mataró. Over the course of 2016, the dealership sold 700 new and 350 second-hand vehicles. In light of its positive results, Motorprim was officially recognised by Hyundai as one of the best dealerships for the brand in Europe and was given membership to its special ‘Frontier Dealer Club’ programme. 

22 de September de 2017