Public Bicycle Services

As a public transport operator that is fully aware of the importance of intermodality between the various means of transport in a city and sustainable transport, Moventia launched a strategic commitment to the Public Bicycle service in 2011.

Moventia has signed partnership agreements with the main public bicycle system suppliers worldwide in order to offer the best technology to suit the city’s needs in each case.

Based on these partnerships, Moventia has developed both public bicycle systems and tourist bicycle hire projects:

  • In 2013, first installation of an electric bicycle system at the main intercity bus station in Barcelona, called BCNBike
  • In October 2015, jointly awarded the Public Bicycle service for the city of Helsinki in Finland (1,500 bicycles and 150 parking stations). More information at
  • In May 2017, Moventia was awarded the Public Bicycle service in the city of Paris (France) together with its partners Smoove, Movibia and Indigo under the Smovengo consortium, which will manage 23,000 bicycles and 1,800 parking stations over 15 years.
  • In October 2017, Moventia was awarded the Public Bicycle service in Espoo, another city in Finland.
  • In June 2018, Moventia signed a contract for the Public Bicycle service in the San Isidro and Miraflores districts of Lima in Peru.
  • In November 2018, Moventia was awarded the Public Bicycle service in Vantaa, also in Finland.

Smovengo - Vélib, the public bicycle service for Paris

Through the Smovengo consortium, which also includes the French companies Indigo, Mobivia and Smoove, Moventia was awarded the contract to manage Vélib’ Métropole, the public bicycle hire service in the metropolitan area of Paris, with 23,000 bicycles and 1,800 parking stations.

The proposal from Smovengo is pioneering in terms of both technology and design, with lighter and stronger bicycles, as well as the introduction of an electric motor on 30% of the whole fleet. The consortium also guarantees better management of the parking stations in order to avoid saturation (based on an innovative system that allows users to return a bicycle even when a station is full) and a security system to avoid possible theft. The launch of this service increased the size of the public bicycle fleet in Paris and its metropolitan area. 


CityBike Lima

Under a private-public partnership with the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro in Lima, Moventia signed a contract to install and operate the CityBike Lima public bicycle service in June 2018. CityBike Peru, the Peruvian company of the Moventia group engaged in public bicycle services, will operate the service for the next 13 years, in which time it expects to expand into other districts of the Peruvian capital.

The service currently consists of 50 parking stations and 500 bicycles in operation in Miraflores, which will grow to 100 stations and 1,000 bicycles when the service in San Isidro is launched soon. Furthermore, CityBike Peru has already launched a Private Initiative to expand the service into another 10 districts in order to implement and operate one of the largest public bicycle services in Latin America, as it could grow to 450 stations and 4,500 bicycles.

CityBike Lima provides the city with the most modern and innovative public bicycle service possible via a turnkey solution that includes the supply, installation, maintenance and comprehensive operation of the system by CityBike Peru. Moreover, the service comes at no cost to the municipal authorities because it is totally self-funded.

CityBike Finland, the public bicycle service for Helsinki

CityBike Finland, a company in which Moventia is the majority shareholder, signed a ten-year bicycle contract for the city of Helsinki with HKL in December 2015.

The Helsinki bikesharing service offers a turnkey solution aimed at providing citizens with the most advanced public bicycle service in the world via a service that currently has 2,400 bikes and 240 parking stations.

Since 2018, Moventia has also been managing the public bicycle transport service in another Finnish city, Espoo, which has been fully integrated with the service in Helsinki to create a joint service with 3,450 bicycles and 345 parking stations.




CityBike Vantaa

CityBike Vantaa, a company in the Moventia group, was awarded the bicycle contract in the city of Vantaa in December 2018, where it began to operate in June 2019, only six months later.

The bikesharing service in Helsinki offers a turnkey solution for a hybrid system based on virtual stations, which are areas where a bike from the service can be returned by simply leaving it on the bike parking stations installed in those areas.

The service has 100 virtual stations and 1,000 bicycles.

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