Moventia is activating a series of recommendations and action protocols to control the risk of infection by the COVID-19 coronavirus at all its public mobility work centres (buses, offices and depots) and private mobility work centres (dealerships, garages and offices).


This protocol seeks to recommend a series of actions in response to various labour situations that may arise from the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) declared by the WHO as a result of the outbreak of a new coronavirus (COVID-19).

The risk of infection in various labour situations is assessed and measures are proposed to reduce it.

As is the case for any such protocol, this text will be updated with a new version whenever changes in the situation require any of the recommendations included herein to be amended.



All labour activity undertaken by employees that may lead to an increase in the general risk to the population of infection from exposure to the COVID-19 virus.



Due to the global epidemiological situation, potential contact between staff of the company (as well as the general population) and people infected with COVID-19 cannot be ruled out. The likelihood of this happening is currently considered to be low.

The assessment issued by the health authorities of the overall risk to public health in Spain is currently considered to be moderate.



Moventia is adopting the following health and safety measures for its employees, customers and suppliers:

  • All requested business trips will need to be authorised following consideration of the destination country. The Moventia Services Office will issue this authorisation or not after completing the pertinent checks with the health services.
  • Reduce business trips to only those strictly necessary. The website of the Ministry of Health should be consulted before going on any business trip in order to reassess the risk together with the line manager, if necessary.
  • Avoid any meeting with people who live in or are known to have recently visited areas considered to be at risk, recommending remote communication tools.
  • Avoid attending busy public events, such as trade fairs, conferences, associations, guilds, etc. Use remote communication tools if possible.
  • Encourage the use of new technologies as much as possible, encourage video-conferencing and other remote tools as priority channels of communication for meeting people not within our usual working circles, as well as those whose origin we do not know.

The following prevention measures are being adopted:

  • Installation of posters in all bathroom areas recommending frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and after any contact with respiratory secretions. Use alcohol-based hand disinfectant if no soap and water is available.
  • Maintain safe social distances and avoid greetings with direct personal contact.
  • Meeting rooms and offices should be ventilated frequently.
  • Avoid large gatherings. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneeze into paper tissues, your inner elbow or shirt sleeve.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.
  • Increased cleaning of installations with suitable disinfectants, paying particular attention to surfaces likely to become means of transmission and also considering the number of people who may touch those surfaces (offices, common areas, etc.). Such surfaces include tables, telephones, switches, turnstiles, toilets, meeting rooms, canteen or rest spaces, etc.
  • Regarding buses: after completing the standard interior cleaning process, a chlorinated detergent should be used to disinfect the driver’s cab (steering wheel, seat and dashboard) and the passenger area, paying particular attention to areas with increased contact by passengers, such as bus access door handrails, handles on the rear of seats, luggage racks, seat armrests and passenger safety belts, if installed. Any on-board toilets will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Individual and collective hydro-alcoholic solution dispensers will be distributed for hand disinfection purposes.



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