Training = Development = Professional career * Attitude

In a changing environment with fast-evolving trends in the labour market, it is very important to constantly update your knowledge. This is why professional development is one of our strategic objectives within the human resources policy.

Our ongoing training consists of courses offered by manufacturers from the automotive industry and ad hoc training for everyone.

Our employees can currently access online courses offered by major brands, as well as training from the transport sector. Aptibus, a company specialising in the passenger transport sector, collaborates with Moventia on developing the Moventis team.

If you would like to form part of our team, click here to send us your CV by clicking here.


Through training, we want our workforce to learn something every day and therefore develop their skills and acquire new knowledge that will help their personal and professional growth.

At Moventia, our goal is for all our employees, those people with spark, to be proactive and eager enough to always be in motion and seek to overcome new professional challenges based on the principles of equality, merit, individual ability and teamwork.

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