Night buses by Moventis

Night buses by Marfina Bus-Sarbus

Between El Vallès Occidental and Barcelona, Sarbus operates a night bus service with six lines that carry 133,000 passengers a year. 

Night buses by La Vallesana-Sarbus

On 5 November 2001, La Vallesana began offering a night bus service from 23:00 to 06:00 throughout El Vallés Occidental on one line. This service carries 33,400 passengers a year. 

Night buses by Casas

This service carries 74,000 passengers a year. 

Night buses by Sarfa

This service carries 200,000 passengers a year to offer night-time mobility between Girona, Roses and Palamós.

Night buses in Pamplona

Transports Ciutat Comtal manages 10 night bus lines as part of the urban bus service in Pamplona, carrying 610,000 passengers a year. 

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