Second-hand and semi-new vehicles

Movento Autoselección was set up in 2009 following a restructuring of the companies in the Moventia group. Its clear objective was to centralise the services provided by all the dealerships engaged in the sale of second-hand and/or semi-new vehicles, identify synergies to maximise efficiency in results and management, and offer an image and consistency from the group to its internal and external customers.


As is the case for all the companies in the group, Movento Autoselección operates under a slogan of customer service, whether they are private individuals, companies or renting companies. Its offer is highly varied, with over 700 vehicles in stock from all brands.

Movento Autoselección offers a quality guarantee to its customers from all the official services represented by the group and the 25 garages it owns throughout its area of operations.

Second-hand Movento vehicles


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