Moventis TCC Pamplona, ​​the concessionary company in charge of urban and interurban transport within the Pamplona territory, has posted a record of more than 150,000 tickets on February 3rd. These values ​​are identified parallel to the Sanfermines season.

The first week of February was notable for the large volume of travellers who chose to travel to villavesas. According to Regional Urban Transport, a total of 152,247 trips were registered on the first Friday of the month, a new record of figures that evoke data from before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In turn, the entire first week of February reached 20,000 more travellers, compared to levels prior to the health crisis. These very flattering data occur in the context of the current 50% discount on the bus ticket established by the Government of Navarra, in addition to the disappearance of the obligation to use a facemask on public transport. These two aspects favor a greater demand for the use of public transport.

From TCC Pamplona we want to thank all users for trusting in our service. We will continue working to operate with the best quality and precision that is in our power, since every day there are more travellers who bet on Las villavesas.

08 de March de 2023