Moventis now has the main quality certificates applicable to the tourism services and transport sector thanks to action protocols established in response to the risks stemming from COVID-19.

On the one hand, it has obtained APPLUS+ certification on Hygiene and Control Protocols to guarantee compliance with new requirements in terms of cleaning, hygiene, control and organisation of its business.

This certificate, which is issued following external assessment by an independent entity such as APPLUS+, covers issues related to the physical environment and basic hygiene measures, technical measures, organisational measures, workforce control and access control measures at every company forming part of Moventis, both in terms of their regular line business and the discretionary and tourism services they provide.

On the other hand, Moventis has also been given the ICTE Tourism seal of quality by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, which is focused on activity by the companies within the group that provide tourism services and transportation, covering the more than 500 vehicles in the fleet, employees and work centres.

The goal behind efforts to obtain these certificates is none other than to build confidence among customers, employees and users of Moventis mobility services by helping to reduce risks and comply with the strict hygiene and control protocols put in place by the company in response to the extraordinary situation caused by the recent health crisis.



02 de July de 2020