Moventia works hard to ensure equality for its workforce. The multinational transport services company also constantly strives to remedy any act of discrimination that may take place within its various divisions.

In order to follow that path towards workplace equality and zero tolerance against discrimination, Moventia has adopted a pro-active system to meet the needs for improvement in this area. Occupational welfare is a top priority for the company. Moventia considers it essential to maintain a satisfied and motivated team as a way to enhance the skills and aptitudes of all its employees. It also seeks to create a pleasant working environment in which its people feel safe and comfortable.

Furthermore, the company is committed to offering diversity and inclusion that is capable of eradicating discrimination. This commitment is enshrined in its personnel recruitment and internal promotion procedures. Moventia also undertakes to use inclusive language to support gender equality.

In order to maintain its position as a leader in equality and as an example to be followed by other operators in the public and private transport sector, the company has adapted processes that can be adjusted over time to remedy potential changes in the application of equality between male and female workers.

Given this commitment to and positive action on equality issues, 15 of the companies in the mobility group are currently certified regarding compliance with the requirements to receive the SGI 20.10 seal of quality under the Equal Opportunities Management System. This was confirmed by an official audit conducted by SGI Standards, a company from the SGP Group with expertise in the field of equal opportunities.

Despite obtaining these excellent results, Moventia will continue to work tirelessly on maintaining its social commitment to equality between men and women and against discrimination.


Moreover, the group also has an extensive track record in terms of social responsibility. Based on efforts forming part of the business in which the company is engaged, the multinational is committed to the most achievable targets proposed under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The United Nations Organisation has defined actions aimed at globally promoting an improved outlook for all towards a better world based on measures that seek to remedy existing poverty and improve protection for our planet, among other things.

03 de November de 2022