Moventia, a leading company in sustainable mobility, has announced a number of structural changes to consolidate the group’s growth in recent years.

With a long track record in the retail sector and considerable leadership and team management skills, Toni Sánchez Poveda is taking on the role of General Manager of Movento Automobiles. Toni Sánchez Poveda said he is thrilled to be joining the company and expressed excitement with the professional and personal challenge posed by the new position. He also thanked the company for believing in him. 

Similarly, Moventia has revealed other changes to its internal structure that involve a broader reorganisation. At Moventis, the branch specialising in group passenger transport, Miquel Martí Pierre, who had already become General Manager of Discretionary Transport, Leisure and Tourism, is joining the group's Expansion department; Juan Giménez is now the General Manager of Regular Transport Services; and Jordi Cabañas is in charge of Public Bicycles and Diversification.

At Movento, Santi Colomer has taken on the role of General Manager of Movento Diversification while Sandra Llunell is the new Manager of Moventia Marketing.

With the new organisation, Moventia is enhancing its human capital and getting ready to face new challenges in terms of sustainable mobility.

10 de April de 2019