Good Corporate Governance System


Society has been demanding responsible business practices, greater transparency, ethics and commitment from companies through effective policies on anti-corruption, respect for free competition and financial transparency.

MOVENTIA seeks to ensure that its own conduct, as well as that of the people with ties to the organisation, responds to and includes a good corporate governance system that complies with its values and principles on ethical conduct and social responsibility, as well as with current legislation in this regard.

To that end, MOVENTIA has drawn up a Compliance System (Crime Prevention Model) according to the generally accepted good governance recommendations in international markets and the principles of social responsibility accepted by society, which constitutes a fundamental benchmark to be followed by all its professionals and partners. Furthermore, it also responds to the new criminal prevention obligations being imposed in the field of criminal liability for legal entities.

Compliance with the Good Corporate Governance System must be considered as an essential requirement for compliance with contractual obligations by all professionals and partners of MOVENTIA.


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