Josep Maria Martí, the CEO of Moventia and Executive Vice-President of Moventis, took part in a session on Sustainable Mobility at companies organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell, an event that was also attended by Sergi Jiménez, Sales Manager at Circontrol.

Various topics were discussed at the conference: mobility and improving how we look after the environment; mobility in the Metropolitan Region; current regulations; and the latest trends emerging in the various mobility sectors.

Based on an analysis of the current mobility situation in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, a focus was placed on the average number of journeys made by the population standing at 21.83 per person per week. Two out of every three inter-municipal journeys are made using a private vehicle. One million journeys per day to enter and leave Barcelona. That’s why we need to boost public transport while also decarbonising private vehicles at a feasible and viable pace. In Catalonia, there are 5.4 million private vehicles, of which 3.5 million are cars, 889 million are motorcycles, 750,000 are lorries and 172,000 are buses, among others.

Bus transportation is third on the list of chosen travel methods among the public, with a total of 172,003 movements throughout Catalonia and behind cars, motorcycles and lorries and vans, it being the most widespread form of public transport. Josep María also mentioned the letter from British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, which he started by saying “I love buses”.

In terms of sustainability, a number of issues were discussed with direct links to regulations and the environment, as well as the transition towards clean energy with the disappearance of diesel and petrol, and the presentation of various active recovery, transformation and resilience plans promoted by the Government of Spain and the Regional Government of Catalonia, among others.

The latest trends emerging in the various mobility sectors - Public Transport, Private Transport, Goods Transportation, and Active Mobility and Micromobility - were among the other main topics highlighted by the group’s CEO at the conference, as well as the trends currently driving the entire automotive sector.

After the huge success of this sustainable mobility session, the Water, Energy and Environment Commission of the Chamber of Commerce is already planning the next event, which will take place in May to follow up with a second series of conferences. Moventia continues to play its part in promoting sustainable mobility and greater care for the environment on all our journeys.


22 de March de 2022