The importance of People

Although everyone knows that the main purpose of any company is to make money, no company will achieve its objective fully if it is not capable of treating its people how they deserve. For this reason, Moventia works on equality and occupational health and safety policies for its workforce while also seeking to make transport easier for those who suffer mobility problems.


Moventia Testimonials

These people already form part of our family:


“I’ve been with the company for almost 20 years. I remember that, when I was at school, they reached a deal with Comercial Marti for students to do work experience there and they needed someone to work in spare parts. At the time, I felt like trying something different; in the same field but basically different from everything else. So, ever since that day when I put my hand up to try working in spare parts, I can tell you that all my expectations have been met”. Sergio Garrido Blanquer, Head of Spare Parts, AUSER





“I was working for another company, driving their discretionary service, but the hours were really bad and it was tough fitting it around my personal life. I decided to switch over to regular services and Sarbús was the most attractive option for me because I used to use them to get to school. I’m happy now”. Carme García Ciria, Bus Driver, Sarbus.







“I started working at Sarfa on 20 September 1965 as an apprentice because it was the best school. Now, I’m the Workshop Manager and I consider myself a master at what I do”. Marti Bonilla, Workshop Manager, Sarfa









Men and women enjoy the same opportunities at Moventia

Moventia seeks and is committed to implementing an Equal Opportunities Plan between men and women at every company in the group. By doing so, we wish to eliminate any possible gender discrimination to ensure equal treatment and opportunities for men and women at the company.

Besides complying with current legislation, Moventia intends for this plan to boost motivation, commitment and job satisfaction, thereby improving the working environment and enhancing the skills of all staff, male or female.

To support implementation of this project, each company in the group has appointed an Equal Opportunities Plan Manager to coordinate all actions undertaken by the human resources departments. The first step was to produce guidelines on the use of non-sexist language and a document showing how workers’ rights should be protected against sexual harassment.




Our goal, mobility for all

In order to guarantee and facilitate mobility for all, Moventia has launched a number of projects that revolve around a desire to integrate those suffering from mobility problems.

Every bus in the Moventis fleet has been adapted to current legislation so that persons with reduced mobility can get on and travel problem-free and in accordance with safety regulations.

Moventis has a bus fleet entirely dedicated to persons with reduced mobility. Most journeys are coordinated by the Institut dels Disminuits and the vast majority of these passengers are travelling to study or work. Today, over 310,000 people use this service.

We also provide a door-to-door service that persons with reduced mobility can use on an individual or group basis so we pick them up and drop them off wherever they want.


We seek physical, psychological and emotional well-being

The Occupational Risk Prevention Department, which works alongside all other departments in the company, strives to build a suitable working environment, with fair working conditions, in which all employees can work with dignity and in which they can help improve health and safety conditions.

Given that we have some highly varied working environments that range from offices to road transport, each team has its own occupational health and safety plan.

One of the things we do is offer regular courses on best driving practices so that our bus drivers can work better with a lower risk of having road traffic accidents and drive in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

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