At Moventia, we are focused on shaping the future of transport and that is why we are working on initiatives in such diverse areas as:


Promoted by the Regional Government of Catalonia and the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM), T-Mobilitat is a technological innovation that will allow citizens to use a single card for all their travel requirements and replace all the various transport cards that currently exist with a single transport app contained on a contactless chip. In 2014, Moventia was awarded a contract to implement an innovative system capable of integrated payment collection management.

Movilidad a la demanda

A partnership with technology companies to engage in mobility on demand services. This concept focuses on improving transport for users in a specific area. The service is always on request and combines users travelling in the same direction. The pilot scheme was carried out in St Cugat del Vallés with the SHOTL company. Find out more aquí

B4 Motion

R&D in new forms of mobility dedicated to creating mobility companies by identifying international success stories not previously present in Spain and joining start-ups with cutting-edge, innovative mobility projects.

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