Espai Movento: A space designed for you

We have designed a new concept in motor vehicle distribution that incorporates a service mentality with recreational-cultural initiatives for society.

If you would like to organise an event for your company or association at the Espai Movento, whether it be a presentation, a talk, a concert or a press briefing, you can book the venue by getting in touch with us here

Espai Movento is a facility located in the centre of Sabadell (Ronda Ponent 127) engaged in the sale of guaranteed multi-brand semi-new vehicles with a focus on excellence in public service. With over 1,450 m2 of space, it has an extensive multi-purpose showroom that can be easily adapted to the activity in question. 

The premises are located in an excellent location in Sabadell; on a busy main road in the new urban and commercial centre of the city. This location with excellent transport links provides significant visibility to the Espai Movento and puts it within easy reach of the public. Movento provides free use of the space for any activity in line with the company’s values.

Past events include the following: 

  • Organisation of “Sabadell per la Marató 2012” (“Sabadell for the Marathon 2012”) to support the La Marató television marathon on TV3, raising € 15,248
  • Working breakfast organised by the Centro Metalúrgico de Sabadell (Sabadell Metallurgy Centre), attended by Mr. Fernandez Teixidor 
  • Press briefing by the C.E. Sabadell football team
  • Charity zumba class
  • Use by Castellers de Sabadell for their annual Diada event
  • Conference organised by Bitlònia, a company specialising in digital marketing
  • A chemists’ conference organised by iFarmas


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