Customised transport service

Moventis, the transport division of Moventia, offers discretionary transport services via a fully dedicated fleet of over 200 coaches. 

Through this division, Moventis offers extensive regional passenger transport and mobility coverage that is adapted to suit the specific needs of its customers, with discretionary and tourism services for individuals or tour operators, travel agencies, companies and schools.

These services can be arranged via the Moventis website.

The Moventis companies that offer discretionary transport services are:

  • Calella Moventis in the province of Barcelona.
  • Moventis Sarfa in the province of Gerona
  • Moventis Autobusos de Lleida in the province of Lleida 
  • TCC Autocars Poch in the province of Tarragona
  • Emilio Seco in the Mallorca island.


Calella Moventis

Calella Moventis, the result of a partnership between the company Calella Bus and Moventis aimed at being able to offer more extensive geographical coverage, provides discretionary transport services in the province of Barcelona with a fleet of over 120 coaches.

Moventis Sarfa

Besides offering regular public transport services, Moventis Sarfa provides discretionary services in the province of Gerona with a fleet of 100 vehicles.

TCC Autocars Poch

Based in El Vendrell, TCC Autocars Poch offers discretionary services in the province of Tarragona

Moventis Autobusos de Lleida

Besides providing the urban transport services in the city of Lleida, Moventis Autobusos de Lleida also offers discretionary services

Emilio Seco

Emilio Seco provides discretionary services in Mallorca, one of the Balears islands.

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