At Moventia, we believe that using information technology is key to innovation

Without the right technology, it is impossible to correctly manage the operations needed for public transport systems to function. For that reason, we develop our own information systems, implement third-party systems and engage in consultancy services to implement all the technologies involved in public transport nowadays.

These include:

Process digitalisation

Moventia is working on a digitalisation project involving various departments in the organisation, such as operations (drivers, conductors, etc.), human resources and billing, aimed at facilitating the day-to-day work of its employees. 

Buy your vehicle 100% online

People can buy vehicles via the Movento website, 100% online. Choose the best one for you, complete the financing study and order the vehicle brought to your home. Buying a vehicle is that simple, wherever you are. 

Mobile apps for transport

Moventia studies, designs and develops mobile apps, connecting with statistical and dynamic information taken from the network with IMS systems to show the nearest stops to a user’s location, the lines that use that stop and their times.

Real-time interactive transport websites

As it does for its mobile apps, Moventia gathers the requirements, creates the functional structure and, where necessary, develops the entire website. Work is currently under way on a new system that will enable passengers to travel from A to B while switching between any of the various transport operators.

Zeus, ERP system for transport

Moventia has developed the ERP ZEUS system and undertakes its implementation, training and maintenance. This software allows management and interaction in real time with the buses, their yards, repeat and regular routes, the Validation and Sales System (VSS), the commercial CRM, traffic and fleet management, human resources management, finance and the management of tracking statistics and indicators at various levels of the company.

Network status information on social media networks

Modern social media networks allow us to enjoy two-way and immediate contact with our users. That is why we manage various Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts to provide information about scheduled and unscheduled transport incidents, offers and news about the Moventia companies.

QR codes and NFC at bus stops

Implementation of user information systems via QR codes and NFC, through which users can check waiting times for the next bus at the stop they are standing at.

Implementation of Business Intelligence and Integrated Control Panel systems

For the correct operation of a transport network, all the information needs to be found in a single system. At Moventia, we have experience in implementing integrated control panel systems focused on the management of multi-modal transport companies.

Operations Support and Information System (OSIS)

The OSIS is a dual-purpose tool: internally, it provides support to operations via control, oversight and strict compliance by operations with the required quality and reliability indexes; and, externally, it provides user information aimed at maximising service quality perception. At TCC, we are engaged in OSIS project implementation.

Experts in Prisma implementation

Moventia is an expert in the implementation of Prisma software for streamlining the management of fleet maintenance and operations bases.

Ticketing solutions

Moventia is an expert in the implementation of ticketing systems for transport, with online top-up solutions, contactless cards and e-commerce solutions.

Online transport card top-ups

Moventis pioneered the implementation of the first online top-ups for contactless multi-trip cards in Spain. Users can top up their card via a username and password protected customer area on the website. Once payment is made, they can use their card on the bus via a contactless system until their balance runs out.

Online transport card purchase (e-Commerce)

We create online transport card sale systems with seat reservation for medium- and long-distance inter-urban and leisure buses. After completing a purchase on the operator’s website, the ticket can be printed or shown to the driver on a mobile screen. With this tool, we make it easier for users to buy tickets and also encourage correct on-board seat management.

School bus tracking

One of the projects we will be able to launch soon is an app that allows school buses to be tracked by both parents and the school itself using real-time bus location technology.

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