The Cruise bus

This is not a regular service but rather a means of transport for tourist cruise passengers and operates according to the cruise ship arrival schedule. It was launched in January 1994 for approximately 18,000 cruise passengers.

In 2013, Transporte Ciudad Condal carried 500,000 cruise passengers to Plaza Colón on the Cruise Bus. Nowadays, cruise passengers can find various transport services operating from Plaza Colón, both public and tourist services. This is a clear example of the growth by Barcelona in terms of tourism and the city’s status as a major tourist destination.

The Cruise Bus is the shuttle bus service that connects the cruise terminals at Muelle Adosado and Portal de la Paz. From here, it is possible to reach the centre of Barcelona and visit the city. For 4 euros (return ticket - one day), it is the best alternative for both cruise passengers passing through who want to visit Barcelona at their own pace and for those passengers either starting or ending their cruise in Barcelona.



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