Moventia, a benchmark in service quality

Our customers and passengers have given us a score of 8,42 NPS

Qualities rated mos highly by Moventis customers and users are: efficient, accessible, safe, flexible and friendly service


Moventia has established work protocols at all of its companies that consist of conducting internal and external audits and seeking to anticipate customer needs before they arise in accordance with all internationally recognised ISO standards.

In addition to its responsibilities and obligations, Moventia works to improve quality standards and to exceed them.

Perfectly accustomed to public institutions and automotive industry manufacturers demanding high levels of quality, this factor has become one of the main and necessary principles for all the people and businesses within the company. For this reason, work is constantly being done - either through new technologies or new management processes - to improve the quality perceived by users and customers, as well as that perceived by those within Moventia companies with whom we strive to achieve maximum job satisfaction by guaranteeing their personal and professional development. 

Our goal is customer satisfaction

In order for a customer to trust us, it is not enough to simply offer a service or product that meets their needs but rather that service or product must be of sufficient quality for the user to be completely satisfied with their choice. For this reason, and with a clear desire to satisfy our customers and users, Moventia is committed to the quality of both its services and the management thereof.

Moventia has established a work protocol that consists of conducting internal and external audits,

and seeking to anticipate customer needs before they arise.

We recently won the following awards with Movento and Moventis:

  • Area of Pamplona, "Company of the Year 2022"
  • Sensia Award with Stern Motor. Click here to learn more.
  • Sarsa in Castellar del Vallès, one of the best Volkswagen garages in Spain. Click here to learn more.
  • Sarsa in Granollers and Vic, recognised by Audi for customer satisfaction. Click here to learn more.
  • TCC and Authosa, recipients of the Environmental Quality Guarantee hallmark. Click here to learn more.


Quality Management, ISO 9001, 2015 version

Rules aimed at standardising quality standards, regardless of size or activity.

Environmental management, ISO 14001, current 2015 version

They represent a very clear and effective instrument for organising all activities under certain environmental care parameters, complying with current regulations and responding to greater awareness and demands from society

Risk and safety management OHSAS 18001:2007

It is an internationally recognised legal document that facilitates the planning, design, assessment and management of a risk prevention, occupational health and safety management system. 

(EC) Regulation 1221:09 EMAS III

This is the voluntary European Union standard that recognises organisations with an Environmental Management System already in place and that have committed to ongoing improvement, as verified by independent audits.

UNE standard 13816:2003 on public passenger transport

With this standard, Moventis makes quality commitments in the provision of all its services for the purpose of meeting customer expectations. Quality commitments are made in eight areas: time, comfort, information, sustainability, safety, services offered, customer service and environmental impact.

Carbon footprint 

Certain Moventis facilities and services included in its strategy to reduce CO2 are ISO 14064 certified in terms of their carbon footprint.

UNE standard 1700001-1-2 on universal accessibility

Moventis guarantees the same access opportunities to any of its buildings, as well as to the use and enjoyment of the services offered therein with the greatest possible degree of autonomy, to all people regardless of age or disability. It is a social commitment by the organisation to equal rights and opportunities for all people regardless of their capabilities, and is fully in line with the values upheld by the company.

ISO 39001 on road safety

It is a tool that allows assistance to be provided to any organisation wishing to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the occurrence and risk of death and serious injury from road traffic accidents

Environmental quality assurance hallmark 

The environmental quality assurance hallmark is a Catalan ecolabelling system that recognises products and services that exceed certain environmental quality requirements over and above those defined as compulsory by current regulations

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