Since the outset, Moventia has adopted a clear commitment to people, whether its employees, partners, customers, users or members of the investor community.

Moventia adopts management policies for its human resources aimed at ensuring motivation and involvement in the company’s ongoing improvement so that the workplace also fosters the professional and personal development of employees and balance between work, family and recreational life. 

Moventia concerns itself with the levels of satisfaction among its partners and personnel to foster a better internal working environment and encourage good labour relations

Furthermore, Moventia encourages equality and works on several projects aimed at non-discrimination between its workers and partners, ongoing training, participatory management and business ethics. The company adopts occupational safety policies for its workforce. 

Commitments to employees

Thousands and thousands of people have contributed to the history of Moventia over almost 95 years. Without them, none of it would have been possible. Nowadays, the group consists of nearly 4,000 people - with all the social responsibility such a large number involves - and the company’s success depends on them. With all of them in mind, the group remains committed to ongoing growth in a balanced and sustainable manner.

Moventia’s goals are: to maintain a good working environment; to encourage motivationcommitment and job satisfaction; to foster internal career plans and training; to harness diversity as a source of enrichment; to stand as a benchmark in best practices; to enhance the company values in complete harmony with the strategic goals of the Business and Corporate Social Responsibility plan

Commitments to customers

Moventia is committed to constantly and swiftly offering comprehensive real-time information about its services to its customers through its digital platforms, such as the smartphone app and its websites. The group has several websites and digital platforms where customers and users can check all the latest up-to-date information about its services, buy tickets and/or services, and contact companies in the group via the Customer Service Offices.

Internal training

Moventia firmly believes that motivating and training workers is beneficial, both for its personnel and the company. As a result, a commitment is made to internal, external and ongoing training in all annual strategic plans. For Moventia, human capital is key to the company’s continued business in the future. With that in mind, it offers its employees an average of 14.16 hours of training per person per year to encourage personal and professional development and to design internal career plans. It also helps develop ongoing personal training plans for its team.


Prevention, occupational health and safety

Together with the management teams and steering committees of each company, the HR Department monitors all the indicators of greatest relevance to the group. However, it is worth noting that the overall indices for Moventis and Movento do not exceed the benchmark indices for the corresponding business sectors and reasonable improvements are being considered.

In this regard, the fields of action and points of focus for the company are included in the following categories: occupational accidents; prevention bonus; improvements made in health and safetytraining on occupational risk prevention, emergency management and health promotion

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