The environment, a problem for today and tomorrow

At Moventia, we are fully aware of how important it is to protect our natural resources and we are committed to protecting the environment, given that our current quality of life and that of our children depends on it.

For that reason, we mainly base ourselves on:

  • The use and commercialisation of hybrid, electric and natural gas vehicles
  • Management based on sharing best practices and ongoing improvement to guarantee the sustainability of our installations and operations
  • The generation of our own energy at our installations using solar power
Electric mobility: We were the first to believe in a dream that has become a reality today.​

Fully aware of the reality surrounding environmental problems and through our Emovement company, Moventia has been promoting the rise of electric cars in the Spanish market as pioneers in their commercialisation via the Reva, Beepo and Vectrix brands.

Electric cars reflect a new mobility concept that allows people to travel with the great advantage of knowing they are helping to prevent the two main environmental problems: CO2 emissions and excessive noise pollution in our cities.

The perfect solution can be found in a well-maintained vehicle being driven by someone with the right mentality and a positive attitude.

The accompanying concern over energy saving, the reduction of gas emissions into the atmosphere and cost saving fosters and justifies actions aimed at improving these three effects.


To do so, Moventia has implemented an awareness plan for our Moventis drivers and technological improvements consisting of:

  • efficient and sustainable driving improvement courses
  • studies on the use of synthetic oils for engine lubrication in partnership with Mobil Spain
  • plant-based Diesel-Bi fuel demonstrations
  • experimentation with the fully electric eco-bus in the Barcelona area
  • Injection pump head correction

Furthermore, all companies in the group meet ISO 14001:2004 standards, which certify best practices in environmental management.

Solar power, an intangible asset​

The Barcelona Tram installations, as well as some of our most recently built dealerships, have solar panels fitted to help reduce electricity costs, which are clean, silent and environmentally-friendly.

The decision to fit solar panels to our new installations is in line with the group’s philosophy and its main values of trust, innovation, sustainability, sp@rk, commitment and honesty.


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