CityBike Global, the operator of public individual mobility services funded by Moventia and in which Sherpa Capital currently holds a stake, recently presented its new rebranding process at an event in Barcelona. Following this process, the company will now operate in all the markets where it does business worldwide under the name of Inurba Mobility.

Seven years after the brand was created, this new name reflects the transformation undergone by the company and is also enshrined in a new visual identity that connects with cities, sustainability and growth.

While upholding these values, the company has also maintained a clear international focus. Sherpa Capital became a shareholder in 2020 to boost growth and the results have been highly effective. The company has doubled its sales turnover since it began operating in new international markets over the last two years.

The company announced that, for 2023, it plans to increase billing by 60% on the consolidated growth already seen in 2022 thanks to new projects that have already been signed this year and expects to post a turnover of close to 25 million euros.

This change of branding is a strategic move aimed at further strengthening the project and reflecting the company’s values and mission through the changes, which include a drive to offer services to cities and their inhabitants that can improve quality of life by providing new sustainable and efficient mobility options.

Inurba Mobility is an international company operating in several European and Latin American markets that, thanks to extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, has successfully consolidated itself as the internationally benchmark operator and continues to add new destinations to the list of those where it offers its services.

In this regard, a public electric bicycle service was launched in the city of Stockholm (Sweden) in partnership with Inurba Mobility in May. The first 1,000 units of a total 5,100 that will be deployed around the city by the end of the year are already in place, with the hope that this will become one of the largest bike sharing services in Europe.

The launch of this new service in Stockholm will bring thousands of new, efficient and sustainable vehicles to the city and will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For the service offered in this city, Inurba has chosen Vaimoo as its strategic partner for the supply of smart electric bikes. Jordi Cabañas, CEO of Inurba Mobility, said “this new project by Inurba Mobility strengthens the leading European position held by the company in terms of public micro-mobility services”.

Moventia supports mobility initiatives and services that promote the values of sustainability and growth, as well as the search for better quality of life for people through the use of services that foster health and look after the environment.




03 de June de 2022